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Medical Facilities

We have visiting specialized doctor and physician on a daily basis. 24 hour and 7 days a week, medical facility is available. Twice in a year we organize a camp for full body check-up. Where we invite various specialists for student’s treatment. We have an emergency vehicle and in-house drive to take the students to hospital if required during emergency situations.


Routes of the bus. We provide the transport facilities- Western Ahmedabad, nearby areas of Sanand. We plan to install a GPRS system in every bus. The drivers has a police verification and driving liscence.


Our homely hostels moulds the students to be future leaders by giving the right atmosphere for their growth and development. Residential experience makes them independent, responsible, leaders and tolerant. They learn to care and share and build life long friendships. Our hostel students are given a chance to learn advance Horse riding, Music band, NCC and many other recreational activities like book reading sessions and extra-curricular skill development sessions. Every Sunday, a special guest is invited to motivate the students and inculcate spiritual and cultural values in students. The child can speak once in a week to the parents via phone. Extra coaching for academics is provided. Know more - Medical facility, daily routine and mess.



Our mess serves food as per the dieticians guidelines. We provide our students with Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. We have day wise menu which provides the student with a balanced diet. We provide seasonal fruits twice in a day which come from the organic farmer’s basket from the fields in the campus. We follow the ritual of a pre-food prayer to energize the food with good vibes. The kitchen is completely automated and hygienic and runs on solar energy. Special feasts are prepared for special occasions.

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