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We have two Boys Hostel in the campus with a homely atmosphere. The rooms are well ventilated with running hot water, dust free and hygienic environment. The rooms are 4 people sharing with a cupboard, bed, mattress and a study table. Every Sunday, a special guest is invited to motivate the students and inculcate spiritual and cultural values in students. We encourage students to opt for Hostels as we believe that many precious life skills are learnt during this period which they will value for life. To know more about the services in the Hostel, refer Hostel in services.


A large Mess Hall with a capacity of 500 members to dine at the same time enables all students and staff to have lunch, dinner, evening snacks and breakfast. A large and fully automated kitchen is attached to the mess which serves our students with healthy and hygienic food. To know more about the services of Mess, refer Mess in services.

Sports Ground

We have in total 10 sports facilities which include,

Outdoor grounds – Football, volleyball, archery, Horse riding, Skating ring, cricket,

Indoor grounds – Rifle shooting, table tennis, Karate, Judo.

We have expert coaches for each game and we prepare students for Zonal, district, state, National and International level. We also lease the ground to other schools and private organizations for their sports events on request.


Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet is composed of five basic elements, also known as “panchamahabhutas” (Pronounced as Pancha maha bho tas).

The five elements are:

  • Akash or Sky or Space
  • Vayu or Air
  • Jal or Water
  • Agni or Fire and 
  • Prithvi or Earth