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House System

When you are thinking about Global Mission International School ``Individual growth “ in areas other than academics is equally important. The school has house system comprising of four houses. Students are assigned to one of the four houses monitored by a house master. It also has a dynamic student council. It consists of House captains, Sports captains, Head boy and Head girl supported by an executive committee.

Quiz,Debate and Presentation

We conduct multiple quizzes and debates contextual to the current events in the assembly so that the students learn about the current global issues in a fun way. For example, we conduct the ozone quiz on ozone day and water quiz on World water day and so on in the assembly. Apart from the regular quizzes and debates our students also participate in Inter-school spell Bee and debate competitions and come out with flying colors. Weekly theme based assembly presentation by every class and many other cultural programmes in an academic year ensure participation by every student.


Art helps children sharpen their visual qualities and turn their ideas, imagination, creativity and feelings into reality. We encourage kids to use drawing and painting as a means of thinking. It stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity helping with mental development.

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It has been proven scientifically that music helps in kids develop language, reasoning, memory, concentration and coordination. It helps build student’s imagination and intellectual curiosity. We at GMIS believe that every student can learn music and become at master at it. Here, students are trained in Indian Classical music by expert teachers. Instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, Keyboard, Congo, Bongo, Drums, Guitar, Dholak and Sitar are taught. The teachers give extra coaching to students who want to further pursue their passion in music.

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Books are the mystery of human creativity. Books play an important role of a teacher, guide, and friend in our life. Inculcating a habit of reading at an early age helps in overall development of a child and so we provide the best of the resources to nurture this habit in the young minds. Going ahead this habit helps them to be updated with the current global issues and trends. Our librarians recommend the books tailored to student’s interests and continuously inspire them to read.

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Do It Yourself

Through do it yourself activities the students learn to practice and perform manual work individually and collectively. Children enthusiastically participate in these productive activities and develop team work. We conduct Science fair, Hobby display, Nutritious day, different competitions like Rangoli making, Salad making, Mehandi-tattoo making, Flower-bouquet making, Best out of waste, Rakhi making for soldiers, Flag making on independence day, Food from different states, and many more such activities and encourage healthy participation.

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Co-Curricular Exams

To enhance their knowledge other than routine academics, competitions like Olympiads, Rashthriya Hindi Bhasha Pariksha, State level art exams like Elementary, Intermediate and National and International Sports examination are conducted here. This helps the students compete at a global level and gives them the exposure to various learning techniques.