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School Policies:

The most frequently used policies of the Global Mission School have been mentioned here. These policies are important for both parents and students to read and implement.

Academic Policies, Admission, Fee & Communication and other policies.


This section of policies is here to give you an insight on school’s main academic policies that plays a major role in academics. This section of policies is presented to give you an insight on Global Mission School’s main academic policies that play a major role in academics.


The language policy document aims to consolidate ideas and beliefs at Global Mission School regarding language and language teaching. This document outlines systems and strategies in place to support the development of English as a lingua franca as well as development and maintenance of mother tongue in the school community.


Assessment plays an important role in students learning and achievement. It helps us gain insight into what they have achieved and what they have to achieve in order to plan and guide instruction, and provide helpful feedback to students. The objective of this policy is to clarify Globalite's  beliefs about fair and just assessment at the school, to guide teaching and continuous learning in the classroom and curriculum and involve families in our goal to educate children.


Homework is important for knowing what is happening in the class and reviewing the learning progress of every individual. It encourages students to develop the confidence and self- discipline to work independently which is an essential skill for their future. Homework enables parents to involve themselves directly in the learning program, to work with them and help their child(s) in their lessons.


We at Global Mission believe that technology should become an integral part of the classroom. Students will have to use computers for research/projects/collaboration for various subjects and activities that directly or indirectly support the academics. The purpose of the ICT Policy is to provide a framework for the use of Computer Resources by the students in a responsible manner.


The policies covered in this section will provide an overview of process and guidelines to be followed at the time of admission, details related to deposit and refund of fees, damage and loss of school property and guidelines about communication with the school.


Global Mission School aims to provide high-quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. The policy ensures proper admission procedure with respect to each application received for admission. It also seeks to set selection criteria which are transparent, fair and consistent and implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes.
Please refer Admission format to download.


The communication policy gives clarity about the communication process to all concerned for better and effective system in place. This policy will give parents clarity on the systems set in our administrative work including Office Policy, timings, and responsibilities of people. Also on how the communication process works with the school with various stakeholders including teachers, administrative staff, and management.


Sometimes students accidentally or deliberately destroys, damages or misuses the school property i.e. books, lab, or other equipment, furniture, building or any other property of the school. Sometimes these equipment are very expensive and would be beyond the means of repair. This policy is to protect school’s assets by ensuring that every student should take reasonable care of school property. We encourage our students to be responsible for your behavior, attitude, discipline etc. and think before you act and consider the consequences.


The school has the responsibility to inform parents enrolling their child’s about the fee charges and related procedures. Since the school fees is variable and differs every year, therefore please refer to office administration for specific and clear instructions about the school fees schedule and payments. 


School library has a wide range of books and resources available for staff and students. (Refer, school almanac)


School timings and duration have been fixed to keep learning / working smooth and ongoing. The school duration has been decided on taking into consideration the academic and extra-curricular needs of the children. This policy is to ensure that school is providing sufficient instruction about time to students and parents. (Refer to almanac).